Here you’ll find some essays about business, design, and web development. And also whatever else I want to write about. Read on! (Or don’t. I think you’re cool either way.)

How to be a web designer

For almost two years, I worked with an in-house team of smart, talented designers and marketers.

The quality and quantity of work these folks put out is impressive. In a high-pressure, high-production environment, they managed to knock design assets and concepts out of the park consistently, quarter after quarter.

But the marketing campaigns and associated designs all had one thing in common: Print. Catalog, signage, packaging, etc. Capital-P Print. Assets transferred to dead trees and delivered by real, human people.
In my time there, no fewer than four different designers and marketers asked me the same question:

How do I get into web design?

Hello world

Some time in the summer of 2014, my old site and most other sites under my hosting account were hacked.

I don’t know when exactly it happened. I didn’t know until a client called me saying their site had been hacked. They would have missed it, too, except that they’re a financial advisor, and their customers had called them, worried that their financial information was compromised.