New Skillshare class

How to work with developers (and not lose your mind)

Skillshare approached me recently to create a new class, after having seen my work on Codepen.

They’re expanding their tech catalog pretty rapidly, so I’m sure I’m not the only developer they’ve contacted — but I still took it as a huge compliment.

When we brainstormed ideas, Jessica from Skillshare suggested that, since my background is in design, I could teach designers how to work with developers. It’s a common pain point, I think, that designers and developers sometimes have trouble communicating and working together.

But some teams get it right — designers and devs can work together more seamlessly to launch awesome stuff!

So, that’s what the class is about. My aim is to give designers — especially those new to working with developers, or those looking for better ways of working with their existing developers — tools and ideas to smooth out some of those communication bumps.

It’s sort of broad in its subject matter and I’m probably a little too vague and talky — but it’s my first ever class, so there are sure to be mistakes.

I should take a second to note that the Skillshare team was great to work with. Pleasant and talented people, the lot of ’em.

The first ten people to use this link can sign up and take the class for free — no pro account required.

You could alternatively use my regular ole affiliate link to sign up, once the ten free sign-ups are exhausted.

I’d love to hear your feedback, if you happen to take the class!