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I’m a consultant, designer, and developer living and working in tiny-but-growing Canton, Georgia. I work with agencies and in-house teams to improve their Web workflows and launch amazing products.

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Modern JS in Legacy Projects, Part Three

Saving/resetting data made easy

Part one of this series discussed the why; part two introduced our “legacy” application and got its basic functionality hammered out with surprisingly little hoopla; now we can add a little somethin’ extra to make it magical. ✨

Our latest deploy is missing some key features that were part of the spec:

  • The “Reset” button doesn’t work, and
  • We’re not saving the state of the modal anywhere locally so that it persists across page reloads.

So in Part Two, I lied: we’re not turning this guy into a component just yet! Let’s knock out the rest of our basic functionality first.