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Hi! I’m Vincent Maglione. My last name translates from Italian as ‘sweater’. So there’s that.

I’m a consultant, designer, and developer living and working in tiny-but-growing Canton, Georgia. I work with agencies and in-house teams to improve their Web workflows and launch amazing products.

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Reviving an old printer with CUPS and Caddy

Keeping printers out of landfills, one CUPS server at a time

I just recently upgraded to an M2 Mac. I needed to print something not long after I set my new computer up, and — surprise! — our old Canon Pixma MX410 doesn’t work on the Mac anymore.

Canon has stopped supporting this printer entirely, and I guess Apple culled the printer’s driver from the kernel at some point. There was no Mac ARM version of the driver that I could find.

But all is not lost! Using CUPS and Linux, now I can print with my old printer from my new Mac — or even my iPhone or iPad. Here’s how I was able to turn my Raspberry Pi into a print server, and saved myself the trouble and expense of getting a new printer.