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Hi! I’m Vincent Maglione. My last name translates from Italian as ‘sweater’. So there’s that.

I’m a consultant, designer, and developer living and working in tiny-but-growing Canton, Georgia. I work with agencies and in-house teams to improve their Web workflows and launch amazing products.

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Modern JS in legacy projects, part two

Building better interfaces, one widget at a time

This is the second part in a series on modernizing your JavaScript incrementally, using Vue.js. Part one discusses why we might need to do this.

Shall we review?

  • Pretend you have an old project that’s built with jQuery
  • Your client’s needs have changed, and now they need advanced functionality that would be difficult to build with vanilla JavaScript and jQuery
  • You decide to build the new functionality with Vue.js, ’cause it seems good

Our project will end up with some fancy functionality for surprisingly little trouble. But we’re not there yet! Let’s write some code.