I work with in-house teams, agencies, and select clients to launch awesome web stuff. I’m available for new opportunities for spring 2024.  Get in touch!

Most recently, I:

  • Built a Laravel-based application MVP for Popcause
  • Worked with the kind folks at Points of Light to build and maintain several Laravel applications, including (but not limited to) Engage, the most comprehensive volunteer opportunity search engine this side of the Miss’ip’
  • Launched my first Skillshare class
  • Worked with a local agency on front-end projects for the likes of Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, and other international brands under intense deadlines

Since 2006, I’ve designed and developed all sorts of websites, consulted with teams, and designed and developed lots of WordPress themes and plugins. (So many themes. Seriously. WordPress is everywhere. Even right here!) Former clients include marketers, designers, schools, homebuilders, nonprofits, and retailers.

I love working with passionate people on projects that teach us all something new. The web is changing so rapidly, and it’s incredibly exciting to work on the forefront of that change with creative thinkers who are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Core skills include:

  • Laravel and object-oriented PHP application development
  • Livewire, Filament for reactive applications and dashboards powered by Laravel
  • Front-end design and development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but also Vue and React)
  • Strategy and consultation

I work with:

  • In-house teams
  • Marketing, design, and development agencies and studios
  • Select independent clients

If you think we might be a good fit (or if you wanna just say hello), please hit that Contact page or drop me a line. You can find some of my social media profiles at the bottom of this page, as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!

About Vincent

Interested in design, business, and technology, but also lots of other things. I’m uncomfortable writing autobiographically. I love my wife, learning, the web, design, code, and making and eating delicious food. INFP.

About this site

Custom theme built on WordPress and the REST API. Built using Trellis and Bedrock as the foundation, and Sage for its workflow.

The front-end is built with Vue.js, and associated tools Vue-Router, Vue-Resource, and Vuex for state management.

Fonts are Futura and Rockwell (and some variants).